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The California based Ruiz Foods announced its corporate headquarters will now solely be in Frisco

FRISCO, Texas — The corporate landscape is poised to witness a familiar shift as a renowned Californian enterprise, Ruiz Foods, plants its roots firmly in Texan soil. This business maneuver of geographical consolidation echoes a narrative that has been on the lips of many, not once but time and again.

In an intriguing development announced recently, Ruiz Foods has decided to centralize its corporate operations in Frisco, Texas. This move heralds the end of the firm’s dual co-headquarters arrangement, a system it instituted only last year.

Frisco, a thriving hub of enterprise, had been sharing the honor of hosting Ruiz Foods’ headquarters with Dinuba, California. However, a corporate strategy realignment has designated Frisco as the sole nerve center for the company’s operations.

While the winds of change blow across the business offices, the manufacturing heartbeat of Ruiz Foods will continue to pulsate from its plant in Dinuba. This Californian town will sustain its pivotal role in the company’s manufacturing scheme, in spite of the strategic reshuffle at the top.

This news adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing trend of corporate migration from the Golden State to the Lone Star State. In the intricate tapestry of American business, it seems that old narratives are finding new expressions, promising intrigue and dynamism in equal measures.

“As we continue in our growth journey, we want to ensure that our operations remain as efficient and effective as possible,” Ruiz Foods President and CEO Dan Antonelli said.

Antonelli said he and his company’s Board of Directors recently agreed to make this consolidation into Frisco as the sole corporate headquarters.

“As a national business with locations and customers throughout the U.S., being in the center of the country allows us same-day access to each of our facilities, puts us closer to our customers, and provides us with a larger metropolitan market for talent recruitment,” Antonelli said.

In 1964, Fred Ruiz and his father, Louis Ruiz, laid the foundation for Ruiz Foods. As a family enterprise, it has grown to become America’s premier producer of frozen Mexican cuisine. Its flagship product, the El Monterey brand, enjoys nationwide distribution.

The company’s assortment of products encompasses burritos, taquitos, enchiladas, and chimichangas. In addition, Tornados, its snack food label, is a dominant presence in convenience stores’ roller grill section, as per the company’s reports.

Kim Ruiz Beck, the Chairman of Ruiz Foods, expressed satisfaction with the firm’s strategic relocation, noting, “While the manufacturing facility in Dinuba, California will always remain our flagship plant, I am pleased to say the move to Frisco has been a success. We are confident that this change will help us strengthen our position in the industry and propel us to our long-term goals.”

Ruiz Foods reaches its customers through various channels, including retail outlets, convenience stores, clubs, vending locations, industrial and food services. The company boasts a strong team of over 4,000 members, with production bases spread across California, Texas, and South Carolina.

Mayor Jeff Cheney of Frisco expressed his delight over the development, stating, “Frisco is a city of great brands, and we are thrilled to welcome the corporate headquarters of Ruiz Foods to Frisco. Frisco is a top destination for companies seeking a great business environment and exceptional lifestyle amenities for their employees.”

Ruiz Foods is part of a growing trend of corporations, ranging from Hispanic food companies to paint manufacturers and national homebuilders, relocating their headquarters to Texas. In fact, a recent U-Haul report highlighted that Texas had the highest influx of one-way U-Haul trucks in 2022 across the United States.

Frisco Economic Development Corporation President, Jason Ford, hailed the move as beneficial for all parties involved.

He said, “This is a win for everyone – for Ruiz Foods, for Frisco and the state of Texas as it will bring even more jobs here to their space in HALL Park. When companies choose Frisco, they are choosing the best city in Texas for business. Welcome, Ruiz Foods and thank you for choosing Frisco.”


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