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The Cheesecake Factory arrives at The Shops at Highland Village. Barnes & Noble Booksellers is leaving its location

Dallas, Texas – In an announcement made on the 1st of June, Mayor Daniel Jaworski of Highland Village attested to the anticipated arrival of The Cheesecake Factory at The Shops at Highland Village.

This will necessitate a major relocation: Barnes & Noble Booksellers, presently occupying the 4100 Deer Creek Suite 100, will cede its current position to make room for the popular chain restaurant.

According to a public notice conspicuously displayed on the bookstore’s window, Barnes & Noble has outlined its plan to decamp to The Highlands of Flower Mound, located at 6101 Long Prairie Road.

On the authority of the bookstore employees, the shop is predicted to cease its current operation by June 18th, effectuating a transition of commerce in the vicinity.

Providing additional verification, a filing from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) corroborates the impending introduction of a Cheesecake Factory outlet to the Highland Village space. The filing discloses financial details about the structural modification necessary to accommodate the new tenant: a substantial renovation budgeted at approximately $6 million.

Furthermore, the timeline has been determined with precision. By the final stroke of this year, the transition will have been consummated, ensuring The Cheesecake Factory is open for business at its new location within Highland Village.


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