The City of Dallas to raise the official Pride flag

Dallas, Texas – As we entered in the month of June, we also commence the celebration of Pride month, a period of recognition and jubilation for members of the LGBTQ+ community. This month allows them not only to rejoice in their identities but also to honor those who battled courageously for their rights.

The City of Dallas prepares for its significant Pride festivities scheduled for June 3-4 at the renowned Fair Park. The Saturday festival, set to run from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., promises a lively scene filled with diverse performers, a myriad of food options, and an array of family-oriented activities.

Pricing for the event is budget-friendly: adults enter for $10, teenagers for $5, and children aged 12 and under enjoy free admission. The excitement continues into Sunday with the vibrant Pride parade from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Participants and spectators alike can look forward to eye-catching floats, lively bands, and a plethora of entertainers.

In a show of solidarity with the community, the City of Dallas has proudly displayed multiple Pride flags across town, each embellished with the city’s logo, from city hall to Love Field. Dallas stands unique as the only city nationwide to have an official city-Pride flag.

Nevertheless, while the city gears up to celebrate, concerns loom regarding legislative actions that potentially infringe upon the rights of some within the community. Several bills are currently under consideration in state legislatures, including Texas, which could impact LGBTQ+ rights.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has a controversial bill awaiting his review that could impose limitations on drag queens and their audiences. The bill proposes fines for drag queens performing in front of minors. Additionally, there are legislative proposals under scrutiny that seek to restrict transgender women’s participation in sports and prevent transgender children from accessing puberty blockers.

This Pride month, amidst the festivities and celebrations, the fight for equality and acceptance continues. The community remains hopeful that, like those who fought for their rights before them, they can overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

“The state legislature needs to do its job and get to work on reducing and lowering property taxes and not worrying about drag queens, I’ve never seen or heard of a drag queen getting a gun and shooting up a school, I’ve never heard of a drag queen going out and doing negative things to children, I’ve never head of a drag queen doing any kind of malice towards anyone,” said Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Omar Narvaez, who is an openly gay man.

This is what the Dallas Police Department said on security efforts for Pride events this weekend, as reported by CBS:

As always, the Dallas Police Department constantly monitors for events and shares intelligence regarding any potential threats to events, groups or infrastructure in our city.

Currently, there are no credible threats in the city of Dallas.  DPD will always respond if there is a need for police presence or a call for service.

As a reminder to the public, it is important to take any threats or suspicious behavior seriously, and report it to local law enforcement immediately.

For a list of Pride events in Dallas, click here.

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