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The city of Dallas to receive $90 in funding thanks to a new agreement with DART

Dallas, Texas – Following months of contentious negotiation, a breakthrough agreement has been struck between Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and the City of Dallas, paving the way for a windfall injection of millions into vital transportation infrastructure developments.

This sizeable funding allocation is earmarked for key projects, among them the enhancement of sidewalk infrastructure and the implementation of ramps that meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act at DART stations.

Dallas City Council approved a motion to endorse the pact with DART earlier this month

This significant development was set into motion on June 14, when the Dallas City Council approved a motion to endorse the pact with DART. This resolution effectively concludes a protracted dispute between the two parties and enables the city to accept an estimated $90 million in surplus sales tax revenues generated by the transit agency.

The backdrop to this financial boon is an influx of federal COVID-19 relief funds which left DART with an unexpected residual of $214.3 million in sales tax revenue. In a show of fiscal responsibility and regional commitment, the agency made the decision to disburse these funds across its 13 member cities.

The narrative surrounding this financial arrangement wasn’t always positive. In the initial stages, DART pledged to provide Dallas with $111.1 million, according to a memorandum released in December by the city manager’s office.

However, this figure was unexpectedly slashed to less than $30 million in February, with the agency justifying this sharp reduction on the basis of project delays, including those associated with DART’s Silver Line rail project, for which the city was held accountable.

After this financial impasse, the North Central Texas Council of Governments interceded, ultimately brokering a deal that significantly increased Dallas’s allocation to the tune of $90 million.

These funds are purposefully designated to bolster DART’s public transportation system or to supplement transportation services, as detailed in the aforementioned December memo. This multifaceted agreement ultimately assures the sustained improvement of Dallas’s public transportation infrastructure, an outcome that will serve the citizens of Dallas for years to come.

In a June 2 memo, the city manager’s office outlined these recommended uses for the funds:

  • $10 million to fund two major hiking and bike trail projects;
  • $11.55 million to reconstruct traffic signals on major DART bus route corridors;
  • $10 million to finish priority projects identified in the city’s Sidewalk Master Plan;
  • $50 million to address a “backlog” of missing ADA ramps;
  • $2 million to fund the fiscal year 2024 traffic lane markings program budget;
  • $2.2 million to pilot new bike lane safety measures and maintenance’
  • $750,000 to fund a study to evaluate parking lot redevelopment options;
  • $500,000 to offer free DART transit for youth in grades K-12 and to support homeless transit services; and
  • $3 million to fund ongoing maintenance and studies to optimize operations.

Following the recently forged agreement, Dallas has been immediately endowed with a substantial sum of $50 million. This windfall is specifically purposed to address the glaring deficiency of ADA ramps, an issue which has been the focus of numerous discussions and debates for quite some time.

However, it is noteworthy that the remainder of the financial provision, a figure that has stirred up a significant amount of interest, will not be allocated in one fell swoop.

Rather, it is stipulated that the disbursement will be gradual, being deployed in carefully calculated increments. This payout structure echoes the measured cadence of sustainable development, and also offers a strategic approach to ensure that funds are allocated and utilized efficiently.

The terms for releasing these additional funds are contingent upon specific criteria. A predominant condition in this scenario is the discernible advancement on the Silver Line project.

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