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The City of Fort Worth helps and educates future business owners through workshops, other activities

Fort Worth, Texas – In a collaborative endeavor with the Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce, the city of Fort Worth unveiled its inaugural Development 101 workshop last month.

A press statement issued by the city revealed that the attendees comprised local developers and business proprietors. The crux of this four-hour educational workshop was to elucidate the labyrinth of the development process, introducing a variety of pertinent subjects.

As per the press release, the city staff ingeniously employed a hypothetical scenario, casting ‘Bob’ as the protagonist endeavoring to establish a bistro. This narrative served as a spotlight on the potential processes that could be initiated while inaugurating a business. The audience, through this illustration, was given a step-by-step guide, which aided in deciphering the complexities of the process in a more palatable manner.

“Instead of a dry talk about zoning or permits, we wanted to draw the audience in with a story of sorts,” said Daunte Rushton, development support administrator. “Giving them Bob to follow helped us explain the importance of each development area step when trying to open a business.”

“Thanks again for hosting this,” said Trevor Mendes with DHI Communities, a D.R. Horton Company. “It was a truly phenomenal and informative event. I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to seeing what y’all come up with for the next one.”

“Since this was our first workshop, we weren’t sure what the result would be,” said D.J. Harrell, director of development services. “But we believe it was received well, between the outstanding attendance numbers and how engaged the audience was.”

As stated in the press release, forthcoming information pertaining to the subsequent Development 101 workshop will be disseminated via the city’s social media platforms and official website as it materializes. The instructive contents of the workshop, meanwhile, can be readily accessed online.

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