The City of McKinney to organize a celebration on June 17 to mark 100th Habitat home

McKinney, Texas – In a significant milestone for community development, Habitat for Humanity of Collin County has partnered with the City of McKinney and the McKinney Community Development Corporation (MCDC) to commence construction of their 100th Habitat home in McKinney. The project will break ground at 913 Hamilton St. on June 17, starting at 11 a.m.

The distinguished Mayor of McKinney, George Fuller, will inaugurate the festivities with a keynote address, during which he will be presenting a proclamation to mark this laudable achievement. The McFarland-Gayle family, who are poised to become the newest members of the McKinney community, will be extended a hearty welcome by the Mayor himself.

City Councilmen Patrick Cloutier and Charlie Phillips, both significant supporters of this historic endeavor, will also be in attendance. Of note will be the insightful reflections of MCDC Board Chair Angela Richardson-Woods, who is slated to address the essential role affordable housing plays in ensuring an inclusive McKinney community.

Angela Richardson-Woods has emphasized the strategic commitment of the MCDC to encourage housing projects that offer low-income, affordable options for McKinney residents.

“One of MCDC’s strategic priorities is to support housing options and projects that include low-income, affordable options for residents in McKinney. MCDC has a long-standing partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Collin County and has invested more than $4 million in Habitat’s housing projects, individual homes, and neighborhood revitalization projects.” — Angela Richardson-Woods, Board Chair, McKinney Community Development Corporation said.

Poignantly, the 100th Habitat home is destined for Marion McFarland, an eight-year Navy veteran who has battled housing insecurity for a considerable period. This significant moment in the history of McKinney marks the end of her struggle, as she can finally claim McKinney as her home.

The initiation of this project signifies not only a personal triumph for McFarland but also underlines the committed efforts of these community organizations in their pursuit to provide accessible and affordable housing options.

“We have been displaced and struggling to stay together for many years now. Having something to call our own is going to feel great. My kids have been waiting since childhood for a house of their own. Never give up. Sometimes you may get discouraged, but don’t let it get you down.” – Marion McFarland said.

Learn more about the 100th Home in McKinney for retired veteran Marion McFarland and the 30-year McKinney Community Build mission

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