The City of Mesquite wants to hear the community voice, launches Mesquite Community Survey

Mesquite, Texas – In a concerted effort to amplify citizen engagement and recalibrate its administrative focus, the City of Mesquite has announced its impending launch of an expansive Community Survey this autumn. This data-collection endeavor aims to elicit comprehensive input concerning various municipal programs and services.

City of Mesquite will invite some residents in the Mesquite Community Survey phase 1

During the survey’s initial phase, which will span through the month of October, a randomized selection of Mesquite residents will be formally invited to partake in this civic exercise. Invitations will be disseminated via an amalgam of communication channels, including but not limited to text messages, formal letters, and social media posts.

The online portal for the survey will be rendered universally accessible to the citizenry in the latter half of November. The City of Mesquite has pledged to maintain the confidentiality of all individual responses, thus fortifying the integrity of the collected data.

“We greatly appreciate residents taking time to complete the survey because we want to ensure that the City’s priorities align with the needs of our citizens,” said Assistant City Manager Chris Sanchez in a press release. “We will use the information gathered in the Community Survey to improve City services and help identify and address challenges in the community.”

The City has enlisted the services of ETC Institute, a preeminent entity in the realm of customer satisfaction surveys, particularly with a focus on governmental organizations. The City of Mesquite has urged its residents to remain vigilant for periodic updates pertaining to the Community Survey, which will be promulgated via various channels. These include the City’s social media platforms as well as two specialized publications, namely, ‘Mainstream’ and ‘Council Connection.’

For those interested in staying abreast of this initiative along with other pertinent civic updates, subscriptions to ‘Mainstream’ and ‘Council Connection’ are available at this link. Comprehensive details about the Community Survey itself can be accessed at this link.

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