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The National Rifle Association is not moving its headquarters in North Texas. At least for now.

Dallas, Texas – In a surge of community activism on Monday evening, numerous Richardson residents and local anti-gun violence entities convened at the municipal city council assembly. Their collective purpose: to vocalize resistance against the possibility of the National Rifle Association (NRA) relocating its central base of operations from Fairfax, Virginia, to their shared hometown of Richardson.

State Farm representative reportedly said that the firm has no intensions to sublease any portion of its extensive CityLine premises

Addressing the heated murmurings, City Manager Don Magner shed light on the situation. He revealed that a top-ranking executive from State Farm had reached out to him, alarmed by the unfounded rumors circulating about the insurance giant’s CityLine site.

A Richardson City representative refuted these speculations. State Farm, they confirmed, has no intention of subletting any portion of its extensive CityLine premises. Moreover, they emphasized that the city has not received any overtures from the NRA regarding a potential relocation. Nonetheless, this factual clarification failed to quell the public’s passionate expressions on the matter.

“We got word from an article that the NRA was looking to move their headquarters here and we love the Richardson community,” resident Crystalyn Roberts said. “It’s a cohesive, safe community and we feel that bringing in an organization like the NRA would be divisive to our community.”

Notably, two years prior, the NRA filed for bankruptcy and indicated in its petition its intent to reincorporate in Texas.

Also present at Monday’s meeting was Allison Adams of the DC Project. Contrary to others, the organization expressed a willingness to see the NRA’s relocation to Texas. Adams argued that the pooling of resources between the NRA and other industry stakeholders could foster constructive dialogue about plausible solutions.

National Rifle Association sees the state of Texas as next destination

In response to the public fervor, an NRA spokesperson reaffirmed that Texas is still a favored candidate for a potential future headquarters. However, a subsequent official statement from the NRA dispelled the prevailing rumors, asserting that their Board of Directors has not yet reached a conclusive decision. The statement added, in a firm refutation of speculation, “it is not accurate that the NRA is relocating to Richardson.”

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