The University of Texas at Arlington is looking to find permanent hires for several open job positions

Arlington, Texas – The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) has initiated a thorough search for the fulfillment of three prominent positions: the Dean of UTA Libraries, the Dean of Social Work, and the Dean of Education.

These prestigious roles, crucial for the institution’s functioning and growth, are presently occupied by interim deans while the quest for permanent appointments persists. Herein, we provide an elaborate discourse on the vacant positions.

University of Texas at Arlington – Dean of Libraries

The relevant information gathered from UTA Executive Searches website elucidates the role’s enormity. It calls for a highly skilled individual, embodying the spirit of a visionary leader and the prowess of a chief executive for the university’s library system. The mandate is to ensure exemplary library services, catering to the diverse needs of its users.

The post was last held by Rebecca Bichel, whose 11-year tenure ended on April 14, 2023. Her contributions were instrumental in transitioning the library into the digital age. Under her aegis, the library saw significant expansions like the FabLab, and the creation of the Rainbow Room on the 3rd floor of the Central Library. In the interim, Peter Zhang bears the mantle of the Dean of Libraries.

University of Texas at Arlington – Dean of Social Work

The Dean of Social Work’s role is yet another vital vacancy the university aims to fill. As per the details available on the UTA Executive Searches Website, the position requires an individual possessing a strategic mind, dedicated to academic excellence. The responsibility includes overseeing the School of Social Work and addressing any emerging issues in the field.

This post was previously held by Dr. Scott Ryan, who, after nearly a decade and a half of service, stepped down on May 31, 2023. Antwan Williams, the assistant director of communications, revealed that under Ryan, the School of Social Work grew into the largest such program in Texas.

Ryan’s term was also notable for securing external funding and earning accolades for research productivity. As the search for a new dean continues, Dr. Debra Woody takes on the role as interim dean.

University of Texas at Arlington – Dean of Education

Finally, the Dean of Education position seeks a visionary leader to helm the College of Education. The role, according to the UTA Executive Searches website, demands strategic direction, administrative oversight, and the capacity to address emerging issues in the field of education.

The last incumbent, Teresa Doughty, left a significant imprint during her six-year term, ending on March 16, 2023. Her achievements include launching a novel program, recruiting the inaugural faculty member in education in 2017, and structuring online education amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As the university diligently seeks a permanent appointee, the position is being managed by the interim dean, Dr. Casey Brown.

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