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Three people arrested in connection to Dallas veteran officer shooting

Dallas, Texas – According to an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by Dallas Metro News, Dallas police have successfully apprehended three individuals implicated in the August 9th shooting and carjacking of a veteran Dallas police officer, Nathaniel Chapman.

Nathaniel Chapman was part of Dallas Police Department since 1999

Chapman, who has been an integral part of the Dallas Police Department since 1999, found himself embroiled in a harrowing exchange of gunfire while ensconced in an unmarked Dodge Challenger during a covert surveillance operation at the intersection of Northwest Highway and Harry Hines Boulevard.

Within mere seconds of the suspects’ arrival, a conflagration of bullets erupted, a maelstrom captured with chilling clarity by surveillance cameras. The footage delineated the suspects rapidly converging on Officer Chapman’s vehicle, whereupon they engaged in a brief but intense shootout. Chapman sustained a bullet wound to his left calf, and one of the suspects commandeered his unmarked car, only to abandon it three blocks away near a motel.

Dallas PD found suspect’s cell phone at the scene

Pivotal to the ensuing investigation was a discovered cell phone, abandoned at the locus of the violent encounter. Concealed within the device’s protective casing was a Louisiana Instructional Permit issued to 19-year-old Redricous Lewis. After conducting a forensic digital analysis, the Dallas police successfully correlated the abandoned cell phone with an Instagram account under the moniker “wb.meachiey.”

Compellingly corroborative evidence surfaced when Dallas investigators scrutinized surveillance footage from the motel where the officer’s vehicle had been discovered. The video unambiguously featured one of the suspects donned in a red letterman jacket emblazoned with a large “C” on its upper left chest—a garment identical to the one featured in the aforementioned Instagram account associated with Lewis, as confirmed by the affidavit.

Subsequent to these revelations, Shreveport police engaged in targeted surveillance of locations known to be frequented by Lewis. This eventually culminated in the coordinated arrest of not only Lewis but also two other suspects—17-year-old Redtravion Polk and 18-year-old Xavier Cook—on an amalgam of drug and weapon-related charges.

Two other suspects confessed to being involved in the shooting incident

Detectives from the Dallas Police Department went to Shreveport, where, according to the affidavit, Lewis and Cook confessed to being involved in the crime. They identified Polk as the individual who fired a Glock pistol at the officer and subsequently stole the officer’s vehicle.

The affidavit also stated that Cook acknowledged shooting one rifle round at Chapman.

All three individuals face charges of aggravated robbery related to the event, and additional charges are likely to follow.

Cook has been transferred to the Dallas County Jail, while Lewis and Polk remain in custody in Shreveport. Cook’s bail is set at $500,000.

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