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Town of Prosper, the City of Celina and Collin County to celebrate the grand opening of the newly expanded Frontier Parkway

Collin County, Texas – In an epoch-making event to honor years of persistent collaboration, meticulous planning, and seamless execution, Town of Prosper, City of Celina, and Collin County are poised to unveil the grand inauguration of the recently expanded Frontier Parkway.

This momentous expansion, a symbol of inter-governmental harmony and joint effort, manifests a crucial elevation in the region’s transport framework. It’s a standing testament to the unyielding partnership of Collin County, Prosper, and Celina – entities that have worked tirelessly in synchrony to morph this ambitious vision into tangible reality.

Newly expanded Frontier Parkway opening celebration set to take place at 9 a.m. on June 28

On the 28th of June at 9 a.m., the northwest corner of the Children’s Health Stadium situated at 2000 Stadium Drive, Prosper, Texas will resonate with applause and cheer. This pivotal occasion promises the presence of eminent officials, influential community leaders, and engaged public members. They are warmly invited to partake in this ceremonial unveiling, a spectacle symbolizing a new era in local transport infrastructure.

Historically a humble two-lane asphalt conduit, the Frontier Parkway has undergone a profound metamorphosis. Its transformation has produced a modern, concrete, divided four-lane carriageway, a visible paradigm shift from its former structure. Included within this expansion are the provisions for potential enlargement to a six-lane structure, an anticipation that mirrors the projected population swell in both Prosper and Celina. This forward-thinking design will ensure the infrastructural capacity can seamlessly match this anticipated surge in population.

An outstanding feature of this elaborate undertaking is the construction of a spanking new bridge arching over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad tracks. This crucial artery bifurcates both Prosper and Celina, and the introduction of this overpass will dramatically bolster mobility.

It promises to ameliorate vehicular safety, whittle down emergency response times, and enhance cross-track travel efficiency, promising a more secure and expedited traversal experience. This meticulously planned improvement stands as a beacon of strategic infrastructural enhancement, focused on future demands and public safety.

“The Town of Prosper is thrilled to celebrate the opening of Frontier Parkway,” said Prosper Mayor David Bristol. “This roadway will ease traffic congestion on one of our major east-west roads and provide greater and safer access to schools, neighborhoods, and local businesses. I am grateful for our strong partnership with Collin County and the City of Celina, and I look forward to working together on future infrastructure projects as we all continue to lead through these days of unprecedented growth.”

“Celebrating the completion of the Frontier Parkway project is an exciting milestone for drivers in our region,” said Celina Mayor Ryan Tubbs. “I appreciate the collaborative work with our partners in Collin County and Town of Prosper, and I am certain that this thoroughfare will positively impact residents, businesses, and schools served by this busy roadway. The City of Celina looks forward to future opportunities to work together with our neighbors to expand our shared roads as we grow.”

“Collin County has been anticipating the opening of Frontier Parkway for many years now, and I am so pleased that the time has finally come to celebrate this tremendous milestone,” said Commissioner Susan Fletcher.

“This project encompassed the meticulous planning of Collin County, the Town of Prosper and the City of Celina, who overcame numerous design challenges over the years. I am so grateful for their committed partnership, and that we will now have a much safer thoroughfare, capable of handling our continued growth. Not only does this facility provide infrastructure for schools, residents and local businesses, it also removes the longstanding barrier to mobility of having to wait for a train to finally clear the roadway. This is an enormous win for our entire community.”

Mario Sinacola and Sons are behind the Frontier Parkway project was

The successful construction of the enhanced Frontier Parkway and its integral overpass were deftly directed by the team at Mario Sinacola and Sons. They expertly supervised the project’s lifecycle from inception to final realization. The aggregate expenditure for the project, encapsulating the diverse costs of engineering, right-of-way acquisition, and construction, rounded off to an estimated $34.6 million. This significant investment was channeled through the concerted financial contributions of the county, the two engaged municipalities, and the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

Frontier Parkway embodies a wealth of importance for the local territory. It delineates the perimeter of the esteemed Prosper High School, and notably provides access to a plethora of vital establishments such as the Prosper ISD Stadium, the Natatorium, and the verdant Frontier Park. With its recent augmentation and the additional overpass, the Parkway is primed to perform a pivotal function in enhancing regional connectivity, reinforcing safety parameters, and elevating the comprehensive quality of life for both residents and visitors.

The forthcoming grand inauguration of Frontier Parkway is, undeniably, a historic milestone in the area’s transportation fabric. The officials representing the Town of Prosper, the City of Celina, and Collin County wish to express their deep-felt appreciation to all those who have diligently contributed to the triumphant realization of this project. They further extend an open invitation to the entire community, encouraging one and all to partake in the jubilation that accompanies this significant event, a testament to communal effort and success.

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