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Viral TikTok video propels local author’s book to No. 1 best seller

Dallas, Texas — Mark this story as a standout in the annals of touching human interaction.

A video clip that is currently spreading like wildfire across the TikTok platform serves as an eloquent testament to the transformative power inherent in a simple gesture of benevolence. This digital record bears witness to a life-changing event experienced by Shawn Warner, an emergent author hailing from Arlington.

The Dallas author was promoting his book at a Kroger outlet in Fort Worth

The narrative contained within the viral video unfolds with two individuals crossing paths with Warner as he earnestly endeavors to promote his first literary endeavor within the bustling environs of a Kroger outlet in Fort Worth.

The opening caption reads, “This new author seemed super defeated when I first walked past him. So before I left the store, I decided to go back.”

Warner takes this unexpected opportunity to elaborate on the central theme of his novel, titled “Leigh Howard and the Ghosts of Simmons-Pierce Manor,” to the intrigued passers-by.

“It’s about a teenage girl who teams up with a ghost of multiple personalities to solve the mystery of her parents’ murder,” Warner said.

Shawn Warner showed lots of passion

Jerrad Swearenjin, the individual who captured this event on film, revealed to WFAA that it was Warner’s unwavering commitment to the sale of his novel that ignited a spark of inspiration within him.

“It was just supposed to be, hey, here’s a fellow neighbor who’s just struggling and I wanted to help him out,” Swearenjin said.

Swearenjin’s caption in the middle of the video reads, “I don’t know this guy and this isn’t a sponsorship. I just wanted to show a stranger some kindness.”

The viral TikTok video reached 15 million views placing Shawn Warner’s book on the first position on Amazon’s bestseller charts

As a tangible demonstration of his support, Swearenjin proceeds to purchase not one but two copies of the novel. The impact of this unassuming video was nothing short of meteoric. Merely two days post its publication, it boasted a staggering view count exceeding 15 million, catapulting Warner’s novel to secure the coveted position of No. 1 bestseller on Amazon’s charts.

“[The response to the book] hasn’t stopped!” Swearenjin told WFAA Wednesday. “I can barely open the app without it freezing and crashing because it’s getting so much love.”

In the aftermath of the video’s virality, Warner expressed heartfelt gratitude to those who had viewed the clip and procured his novel. He disclosed his ongoing plans for a future book signing event at an alternate Kroger venue located in Dallas.

Overwhelmed by the surge of goodwill, Warner conveyed his deep-seated emotions to WFAA.

“Just to be nice to some guy sitting alone selling books…the generosity that poured out of that was just amazing, I get choked up,” Warner said tearfully. “They gave me a chance. And that’s just beautiful.”

Lizette, Warner’s spouse, conveyed her awe at her husband’s unwavering resolve.

“He doesn’t give up, and he’s been like that for years!” she said.

Warner, a distinguished Army veteran, had faced the misfortune of losing his job following a round of redundancies at his company several years ago. Despite these setbacks, his self-belief remained undeterred.

“That whole demeanor it’s so admirable of someone who just stays on that path and keeps believing,” Lizette gushed.

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