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Visit Dallas Zoo this summer at just $1 per ticket – this is how to catch the promotion

Dallas, Texas – As summer descends upon the city, Dallas Zoo once again eagerly anticipates its annual tradition of ‘Dollar Day’ events. The dates for these eagerly awaited occurrences were confirmed by the zoo administration on Thursday. Unveiling a bonanza for visitors, the zoo allows entry at a meager sum of $1 per ticket on these special days.

The Dallas Zoo has slated this year’s Dollar Days for Thursday, July 13, and Tuesday, August 8. If your calendar points you toward a day out at the zoo on these specified dates, it is important to note that there are alterations in the standard operational procedures to accommodate these festivities.

The zoo’s directive delineates that, in contrast to regular practices, the Dollar Day admission tickets must be bought via online channels. The traditional method of ticket acquisition at the entrance gates will not be available on these two exclusive days.

Potential visitors can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the ticket sale process has already commenced. Aspiring attendees can access the purchasing platform here.

In an effort to mitigate the scorching Texas summer heat and afford visitors an early start, the zoo has proclaimed that it will swing open its doors at 8:30 a.m. on these particular Dollar Days. At the point of checkout, patrons are given the liberty to select their time of arrival at the zoo.

The zoo’s administration fervently recommends potential visitors to act swiftly in securing their tickets. With the decision to maintain a cap on ticket sales this year, as in previous years, tickets are expected to sell out rapidly.

In view of the anticipated parking constraints on Dollar Days, visitors are urged to consider alternative transportation methods such as ride-sharing services or the DART. However, should attendees still wish to utilize the parking facilities, they must bear in mind that a parking fee of $10 remains in effect.

“Each year, the Dallas Zoo holds Dollar Days to show appreciation for the community’s support by offering lower admission costs and special deals throughout the park. Dollar Days make the zoo accessible to all and provide an affordable experience the entire family can enjoy,” the zoo said in a news release.

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