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Youth Orchestra Hosts Free Concert to Mark Generous Donation from Community

The Galleria Dallas, an upscale shopping mall in North Texas, recently hosted a surprise concert that left shoppers awestruck. The free performance was put on by members of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, one of the country’s most prestigious youth orchestras, who serenaded the crowd with their mesmerizing jazz renditions.

The concert, which took place in the mall’s thoroughfares, was a celebration of the orchestra’s recent philanthropic contribution of $10,000. The donation was given by Ovation TV as part of the Stand for the Arts Awards, and the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra was one of only ten organizations nationwide to receive the honor.

Performing at the event were Dylan Shaw on piano, Justin Rydberg on baritone saxophone, Cody Giancolla on bass, Jackson Iseneker on trumpet, and Gabe Gerth on drums. The talented students impressed onlookers with their dexterous musicianship and smooth jazz rhythms.

In response to the accolade, Cathy Havicon, Executive Director of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra expressed her delight, saying, “The Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra is thrilled and honored to be an award recipient this year. It’s a validation for all our efforts over the past 51 years to bring music education to the North Texas community and beyond.”

Established in 1972, the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing music education and performance opportunities for youths in the region. The group encourages musical excellence, fosters creativity, develops social skills, and inspires self-motivation. Additionally, they offer an extensive scholarship program to ensure that all students who are offered a position in the orchestra can participate. Approximately 20 percent of its members are beneficiaries of this scholarship program based on need.

To encourage more young people to participate in the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, auditions are now open for the upcoming 2023-24 season. Interested parties can get more information and register on their website. Through their excellent musical training and emphasis on community engagement, the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra prepares talented youths for a lifetime of creativity, expression, and fulfillment.

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