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Arlington ISD Board of Trustees voted to appoint Dr. Steven Wurtz as interim superintendent amid search for permanent replacement

Arlington, Texas – In a development from Arlington Independent School District (ISD), the Board of Trustees convened an assembly earlier this week, culminating in the decisive vote to anoint Dr. Steven Wurtz as the Interim Superintendent.

This appointment arrives amidst their ongoing pursuit for a permanent successor to the esteemed Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, who has slated his retirement for the upcoming August.

Melody Fowler, the presiding president of the Arlington ISD board, expressed her satisfaction with this strategic decision.

“We are pleased that Dr. Wurtz will serve in this role and we’re confident he’ll provide steady leadership during this transitional period,” said Melody Fowler, board president, Arlington ISD. “He has a firm understanding of the district’s strategic priorities, and we know he is committed to delivering superior educational opportunities to our students.”

Dr. Wurtz carries a considerable cache of experience, bolstered by an exemplary record in the realm of educational leadership. His journey began two decades ago as a bilingual educator in the Irving ISD. His proficiency saw a swift progression to the role of an assistant principal.

His career trajectory further includes a tenure as principal in the Grand Prairie ISD, post which he resumed duties in Irving ISD, eventually assuming the mantle of a principal and division director of elementary schools.

A decade ago, Dr. Wurtz embraced the challenge of area superintendent of elementary schools in Arlington ISD, with a promotion to the position of the chief academic officer following merely a year later.

“I’m honored to fill this role,” said Wurtz. “My main focus will be maintaining a high-quality learning experience, ensuring smooth operations and fostering a positive environment for students and staff.”

Dr. Wurtz took on the interim superintendent role from Wednesday, June 14. The transitioning process will be guided by Dr. Cavazos, who will lend his expertise in an advisory capacity until the end of August 2023.

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