Frisco ISD grows stronger as the district welcomes Wortham Intermediate and Richard Wilkinson Middle School in August

The residents of Frisco Independent School District (ISD) are set to witness the inauguration of two new educational institutions, augmenting the district’s school count to 77, just in time for the commencement of the 2023-24 academic session on August 9th. This expansion will cater to the needs of over 67,000 students who are poised to embark on a new scholastic journey.

Wortham Intermediate School

Located in McKinney, Wortham Intermediate School stands as a unique entity in the FISD, exclusively dedicated to the education of fifth and sixth graders. Originally conceptualized as Middle School No. 19 under the 2018 bond, it underwent a transformation to become Wortham Intermediate.

This pioneering institution, with construction spanning from 2022 to August 2023, represents an investment of $45 million, funneled from the 2018 Frisco ISD bond.

Richard Wilkinson Middle School

Come August, Richard Wilkinson Middle School will join the educational landscape of Frisco ISD as its 18th middle school. Situated in northwest Frisco, directly across from Panther Creek High School, it is designed to serve the academic needs of students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.

This new establishment began its journey towards completion in 2022, reflecting an investment of $43 million, a fiscal commitment secured by the same 2018 Frisco ISD bond that facilitated the Wortham Intermediate School.

The simultaneous inauguration of these two schools underscores Frisco ISD’s commitment to educational excellence and growth. The judicious allocation of funds from the 2018 bond and the strategic planning of their construction timelines echo the district’s dedication to quality and innovation.

These new institutions will undoubtedly pave the way for enriched learning experiences, fortifying the educational infrastructure of a district in constant pursuit of academic advancement and community betterment.

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