Tesla’s first Denton County dealership gets green light in Flower Mound

Flower Mound, Texas – The Flower Mound Town Council, earlier this month, granted unanimous approval for Tesla’s ambitious plan to establish a new dealership and service center — marking the electric vehicle giant’s inaugural presence in Denton County, Texas. The proposal outlines the construction of a sprawling 51,391-square-foot, single-story facility situated on a hitherto undeveloped parcel of land, encompassing an expansive 5.33 acres, located at 1805 Justin Road.

Dhwani Dave, Tesla’s design manager, shared insights into the strategic significance of this move during the council’s meeting on August 7.

“Expanding and having this new center in Flower Mound is going to be vital to our presence in the state of Texas,” Tesla design manager Dhwani Dave told the council members. “Our goal is to increase Tesla ownership in the surrounding areas — rely on existing customer base convenience and reliable access to our brand services — and contribute to the city’s highest standards for quality, lifestyle and sustainability.”

Tesla will offer variety of services at the Flower Mound location

Tesla’s official correspondence to the council, included within the meeting’s agenda packet, provides a comprehensive overview of the gamut of services earmarked for the proposed location. The site will offer a wide array of standard services and repairs tailored specifically for Tesla vehicles. These will be made available six days a week, encompassing routine software updates, tire replacement and balancing services, as well as bolt replacements.

“So, any customer who is bringing their car for a service appointment would be in and out of the site within an hour,” Dave said.

Prior to the Town Council’s decisive vote, the Flower Mound Planning and Zoning Commission had convened in July to deliberate on Tesla’s proposed building plans. The commission subsequently recommended that the Town Council grant approval for the building, while simultaneously addressing the exemptions sought by the company.

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Addressing the council, Lexin Murphy, the town’s Director of Development Services, elucidated Tesla’s specific requests. The company sought two exceptions concerning underground utilities and architectural standards. Consequently, the council greenlit Tesla’s proposition for a distinctively gray building embellished with a red accent color.

Murphy also underscored the limitations on access to the dealership site, revealing that there would be a one-way ingress through Justin Road, as the dealership is strategically positioned behind a bevy of surrounding businesses.

During the deliberations, council members probed Dave regarding the potential job prospects stemming from the approval of the dealership. Dave confirmed that the establishment would likely yield between 50 to 70 new employment opportunities in the locality.

The subject of charging stations was broached, to which Dave clarified that the facility would exclusively provide charging stations for Tesla vehicles.

The North Texas region is already home to several Tesla locations, notably in Plano and Dallas.

In the course of the public hearing, Roger Newman, a resident of Flower Mound, emerged as the sole individual voicing his perspective. Expressing support for the establishment of the Tesla dealership, Newman, a proud owner of a Tesla vehicle for approximately three years, conveyed his favorable opinion on the matter.

“I currently have to go over to the Tesla service center in Plano,” Newman told the council.

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