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Children’s Medical Center Plano expansion funded by generous donation, $1 million boost for the project

Plano, Texas – In a move aimed at enhancing pediatric medical care in North Texas, Children’s Medical Center Foundation unveiled a groundbreaking donation of $1 million, designated for the expansive development of Children’s Medical Center Plano.

This philanthropic momentum is further bolstered by the generous inclusion of Take 5 Oil Change as a committed community partner, contributing an identical sum towards the realization of world-class medical care within close reach of local families.

“We are super excited that Take 5 Oil Change is a great community partner and they have committed $1 million to help ensure that the expansion of Children’s Medical Center Plano is successful. That is so critical for the kids and families that are counting on amazing world-class care close to home,” Brent Christopher, president of the Children’s Medical Center Foundation said, according to NBC DFW.

“The donation brings the philanthropic total to $14 million supporting the expansion of the Plano campus, bolstered by generous gifts from the family of former Dallas Cowboys owner Bum Bright and the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation.”

Children’s Medical Center Plano will get new facility

The master plan for the expanded facility is not only comprehensive but visionary, intending to furnish patients and their families with cutting-edge technology, innovative services, and extensive new facilities. Among the highlights of the expansion is the integration of specialized behavioral health treatment rooms to provide critical emergency mental health services for pediatric patients—a component Christopher emphasized as being vital.

“We know how important mental health is, especially when it comes to our young people. They will have a place for specialized care is a game-changer for this community. The hospital’s expansion comes at a time when Collin County is growing at twice the rate of Dallas County. It’s projected those three million children will live in North Texas by 2050,” Christopher said.

Children’s Medical Center Plano will provide even better medical care with this donation

Further enriching the expansion is the intended renovation of the Plano radiology department space, a step promising to cement the hospital’s role as a leading provider of comprehensive medical care.

“The pandemic drove all of that to an entirely new level, new level. Taking care of kids who are facing a mental health crisis is a significant priority at children’s health. We want to be there and be a resource as early as possible and try to prevent a crisis from happening. But when it does, we also know that we’ve got to have the resources and facilities available and on point to meet those kids where they are and that means some special dedicated space,” Christopher said.

Children’s Medical Center Plano will have nearly three times more hospital beds

The extension will boast 212 patient beds, which is almost tripling the hospital’s current capacity. That addition of beds will also include more than triple the number of intensive care unit beds as well. Christopher said there will also be an expanded emergency room providing a higher level of trauma care, increased space, and new equipment and resources to treat patients more efficiently and effectively.

In addition, the expansion will include the renovation of the Plano radiology department space.

The hospital has a specific timeline for several portions of the expansion:

  • Completion of the 650-car parking garage in February 2023
  • Completion of the frame for the new tower in May 2023
  • Completion of the steel helipad on the roof of the new tower
  • Renovations on the Plano Cafe, a special dining area for patient families, started in July 2023.

The expansion of Children’s Medical Center Plano is scheduled to be completed with the opening of the 395,000-square-foot tower by the end of 2024.

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