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D.R. Horton and LJA Engineering set to develop 1,200 homes in 430 acres project in Fort Worth reshaping the region

Fort Worth, Texas – In a momentous move poised to significantly alter the residential landscape of north Fort Worth, home construction behemoth D.R. Horton is unveiling plans to erect an expansive development comprising over 1,200 homes.

430 acres in north Fort Worth set to bloom with 1,200 homes transforming the region

Nestled on a sprawling 430-acre parcel—bounded to the south by Texas State Highway 114, to the west by F.M. 156, to the north by Elizabeth Creek, and to the east by BNSF Railroad—the prodigious development is slated for evaluation by the Fort Worth City Plan Commission at its forthcoming Wednesday convocation.

LJA Engineering is the project’s official applicant while D.R. Horton is the principal ownership

Official documentation identifies the principal ownership of the venture as D.R. Horton, while delineating LJA Engineering as the project’s official applicant. Furthermore, it is revealed that the imminent residential expanse will fall under the academic jurisdiction of the Northwest Independent School District.

Interestingly, the land in question has not been devoid of bureaucratic scrutiny. The City Plan Commission bestowed its initial approval for a preliminary plat as far back as 2016, with an additional affirmation materializing in 2021.

The tract has also weathered several administrative modifications in the interim. The current iteration of the proposal seeks to augment the development’s scope by an additional 67 lots—a revision that has garnered the imprimatur of city staff members, who have proffered a recommendation for approval.

In a broader perspective, this colossal undertaking by D.R. Horton is not the sole development engendering buzz in municipal circles. Equally noteworthy is a prospective residential venture in south Fort Worth. Spearheaded by TTP Partnership, the ambitious project aims to infuse the community with 357 single-family dwellings accompanied by a commodious four-story walk-up apartment building. Situated at 10181 Forest Hill Everman Road, the 134-acre development is penciled in for review by the Fort Worth City Council during its scheduled Tuesday assembly.

Both ventures encapsulate the current upward trajectory of residential growth within the Fort Worth vicinity, underscoring the emergent demand for diverse housing options that cater to an expanding populace.

This information comes shortly after several companies announcements for investing in Fort Worth including Siemens and McMaster-CARR. Meanwhile, Fort Worth city officials are constantly working on solving the affordable housing crisis which heavily affects local residents and those looking to move to Fort Worth.

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