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Solana Hills: Where luxury meets landscape, Westlake’s newest prestigious community

Dallas, Texas – In a significant step towards commencing construction, Lovett, a Houston-based development firm, has advanced plans for Solana Hills, an upscale residential enclave located just to the south of the Plaza at Solana in Westlake.

Featuring residences with starting price tags estimated at a sumptuous $1.2 million, the project elicited considerable attention when it was presented to the Town of Westlake’s Planning and Zoning Commission on August 15. However, rather than granting immediate approval, the commission deferred the proposal to its subsequent session.

Lovett was mandated by the local government to implement strict measures

Adam Williams, Lovett’s Director of Design, elucidated that the Planning and Zoning Commission conveyed specific requisites, mandating that the developer imbue the initiative with more stringent measures for natural conservation. The commission further advocated for the incorporation of publicly accessible hiking trails and subtly proposed a diminution in the number of residential units, thereby influencing the site plan’s latest iteration to showcase 59 homes as opposed to Lovett’s initial vision of just under 100.

Spanning an expansive tract of approximately 33 acres, the property was acquired three years prior by Sage Westpark Ltd. from its erstwhile owner, BRE Solana. Documentation from city archives suggests a potential affiliation between Sage Westpark and Lovett, although this has not been categorically substantiated.

According to municipal records, the nascent community is slated to proffer an eclectic array of luxury custom estate homes, patio homes, and townhomes. Each residential unit within this master-planned constellation will adhere to a stipulated minimum square footage of 3,000, while estate homes—the veritable pièce de résistance of the community—will occupy lots with a minimum area of 15,000 square feet.

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The commission’s emphasis on ecological stewardship, coupled with its pursuit of a modicum of public accessibility, reflects the broader community’s vested interest in balancing opulent residential life with environmental preservation and social inclusion. As Solana Hills undergoes further refinement in response to these inputs, it epitomizes the ongoing dialogues between developers, municipal bodies, and the citizenry, dialogues that are shaping the future landscape of luxury living within the Westlake region.

Williams said it’s too early to comment on specific home sizes, as the project is subject to further design revision. However, Lovett looks forward to getting started, he said, according to WFAA.

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