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Smoothie King’s nutritious revolution set to transform Dallas-Fort Worth with 15 new locations

In an unprecedented move that marks a significant expansion within the health and wellness sector, Smoothie King, the world’s leading smoothie chain and an unparalleled innovator in health-conscious quick-service offerings, has unveiled the signing of a robust multi-unit development agreement. This ambitious accord will bring an addition of 15 new locations to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, infusing the region with a vibrant blend of nutritious offerings.

The franchisee projects strategic growth and sees huge potential in Dallas-Fort Worth

Spearheading the brand’s aggressive expansion in its home market is the distinguished multi-unit franchisee, Mohammed Azaz of HIBA-SK LLC. Azaz, who had previously acquired six existing Smoothie King locations in the autumn of 2022, now further aligns himself with the brand, reflecting its commitment to strategic growth.

This announcement serves as a harbinger of the formidable development momentum that Smoothie King has managed to sustain, with projections on track to inaugurate 100 locations by the year’s end in 2023. Furthermore, since the dawn of this year, an impressive cache of 71 new stores has been added to the brand’s burgeoning development pipeline.

“We welcomed Mohammad to the Smoothie King family last year and we’re privileged that he’ll be expanding his presence with our brand through multiple new store builds. We’re always looking to partner with experienced franchisees that are not only eager to grow, but also passionate about making a positive impact in their community,” says Chris Bremer, Chief Development Officer at Smoothie King, according to QSR.

“Mohammed has exemplified this passion throughout his franchising career and we are proud that he will be growing his portfolio further with Smoothie King.”

Smoothie King franchisee is experienced entrepreneur with over 15 years of franchise mastery

Azaz’s journey began as a former healthcare executive at ORACLE Cerner, an American trailblazer in the realm of health information technology supplies and services. Driven by an entrepreneurial aspiration to orchestrate his own destiny and quantify his growth, Azaz embarked on a path that has culminated in over 15 years of franchise mastery.

His portfolio, enriched with more than 30 franchised locations predominantly across Kansas City with Great Clips and Goddard Preschools, demonstrates a commanding presence in the market. As the most substantial Great Clips franchisee in Kansas City, Azaz’s choice to amplify his Smoothie King holdings manifests his trust in the brand’s visionary leadership, continuous innovation, and other quintessential differentiators that set it apart.

“I’ve been actively searching to further diversify my portfolio, and Smoothie King immediately stood out for its strong company mission, category leadership, products and the ongoing support it provides franchisees,” says Mohammed Azaz. “It’s also inspiring to learn more about Wan Kim’s journey from franchisee to CEO, and the dedication that each corporate team member has for the brand. It’s something I chose to be a part of, and I’m excited to develop new locations with Smoothie King and build my existing portfolio with the brand.”

In an era where health consciousness is paramount, Smoothie King has masterfully underscored its commitment to both franchisee success and customer wellness. Through an unswerving focus on menu innovation, the brand has augmented profitability for franchisees like Mohammed Azaz across its entire system. This strategic approach is not merely a business endeavor; it is a reflection of the brand’s dedication to assisting guests in achieving their health-focused objectives. By offering an array of high-quality and delectable specialty products, each meticulously crafted to serve a distinct purpose, Smoothie King enhances lives one smoothie at a time.

Smoothie King has been around for 50 years

Marking a half-century since blending America’s original smoothie, the brand celebrates an enduring legacy of taste and wellness. Throughout these 50 golden years, Smoothie King’s evolution has been marked by ceaseless innovation, embracing trends and health needs with agility and creativity.

This year saw the launching of new additions to the menu, including Power Meal Smoothies, Gut Health Smoothies, and the latest sensation, Smoothie Bowls. Introduced on April 4th, Smoothie Bowls have garnered an astonishing success, cementing Smoothie King’s reputation as a pioneer in the healthful eating space.

Smoothie King’s growth trajectory is by no means confined to its current horizons. With an unwavering resolve to inspire people to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle, the brand is actively scouting for experienced operators eager to grow their portfolios with a name synonymous with wellness and quality. Opportunities abound, both for single and multi-unit development, with special incentives carved out for those who serve the nation in various capacities.

These incentives, designed for active-duty U.S. military members, veterans, and first responders—including law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians—further underline Smoothie King’s ethos of community and compassion.

The strategic blending of business acumen, culinary invention, and a sincere commitment to health has yielded a recipe for success that transcends mere commerce. Smoothie King’s story is one of transformation and growth, not merely for a brand but for the countless individuals whose lives have been enriched through its nourishing offerings. The future looks bright, and the possibilities appear endless, as Smoothie King continues to mix innovation with tradition, health with pleasure, and business success with human connection.

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