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American Red Cross provides support to displaced families after Fort Worth apartment fire

Fort Worth, Texas – In an urgent conflagration that erupted on the evening of September 12, 2023, precisely at 9:00 PM, the Fort Worth Fire Department was swiftly mobilized in response to a torrent of emergency calls. These distress signals emanated from alarmed residents of the Borough apartment complex, a residential area situated in the 5900 Block of Greenspoint Drive.

The apartment complex was in flames when Fort Worth Fire Department crews arrived to the scene

Upon their immediate deployment to the scene, fire brigades encountered a spectacle of chaos—flames were consuming multiple apartments within the complex, posing a dire threat to both life and property. Amidst this backdrop, Engine 20 distinguished itself in an act of bravery by extracting two imperiled residents from their conflagration-engulfed residence. As they were escorted to safety, other team members seamlessly transitioned into delivering indispensable medical intervention, thereby mitigating the potential for further harm.

A total of three individuals were subjected to medical exigencies as a direct consequence of the uncontrolled blaze. In an escalated course of medical treatment, two of the affected individuals were transported to proximate healthcare facilities for comprehensive evaluation and treatment. Meanwhile, the third affected resident benefited from immediate on-site medical attention. In a testament to the firefighting crew’s resourcefulness and compassion, a dog was also rescued from the clutches of the fire.

In a coordinated struggle that spanned a temporal expanse of approximately one hour, firefighting units eventually quelled the flames, thereby bringing the situation under control. The fire incident left an imprint on the complex, affecting a total of 12 residential units and resulting in the dislocation of eight tenants from their homes.

American Red Cross Greater North Texas provided immediate help to displaced residents

On-site, rendering succor to the newly dispossessed, was the American Red Cross Greater North Texas, which instituted immediate disaster-relief measures aimed at ameliorating the hardships endured by these families.

Two firefighters sustained minor injuries in the fire incident

It is worth noting that the firefighting operations were not without toll upon the responders. Specifically, two firefighters sustained minor burn injuries during their hazardous engagement with the blaze. Nevertheless, they are expected to recover since they only suffered minor injuries, the Fort Worth Fire Department confirmed.

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