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You can now try Portillo’s tasty products in Allen and apply for a job for the upcoming location

ALLEN, Texas — Earlier this year, the arrival of Portillo’s in The Colony, North Texas, marked a noteworthy foray into the state, with its Chicago-styled Italian beef and hot dogs garnering significant local acclaim.

Now, this well-received eatery is primed to replicate its success with an ambitious second endeavor, utilizing an innovative “Beef Bus” strategy to tantalize future patrons’ taste buds. Portillo’s is coming to Allen later this year, but the management also plans other locations in North Texas.

Portillo’s opened its “Beef Bus” in Allen this week

Embarking on a culinary journey, Portillo’s “Beef Bus” started operations in Allen on Tuesday, July 25, and will operate through August 12. The bus has stationed itself strategically at The Hampton Inn located at 830 West Stacy Road. It’s not merely a promotional venture; this distinctive food vehicle also aims to offer curious customers a gastronomic sneak preview of what Portillo’s has in store.

This unique marketing effort serves to spotlight Portillo’s upcoming Allen location, situated just south of the Allen outlet mall and anticipated to swing its doors open later this year. Committed to adhering to a regular schedule, the bus will cater to patrons from Tuesdays to Saturdays, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Onboard, customers will find an enticing variety of Portillo’s signature dishes. These include Chicago-style hot dogs, miniature versions of its famed Italian beef sandwich, Italian and Maxwell Street Polish sausages, along with a serving of Portillo’s trademark crinkle-cut fries.

You can also apply for a job if you are interested in joining the Portillo’s team at the new Allen location

Further extending its engagement, the bus will also facilitate job interviews for those interested in joining the Portillo’s team at the new Allen location. Applicants will receive an enticing perk in the form of a voucher for a complimentary meal.

North Texans have displayed a hearty appetite for Portillo’s since its debut in The Colony on January 18. This enthusiasm translated into an impressive revenue stream for the 7,900-square-foot restaurant, reportedly pulling in an average daily revenue of $48,000, as revealed in the company’s first-quarter earnings call.

Operating as a publicly-traded entity ($PTLO) on the NASDAQ stock exchange, Portillo’s initial North Texas location in The Colony swiftly rose to prominence, clinching the title of the top location nationwide upon its grand opening in January amidst much jubilation.

“This means it’s been matching the volumes of restaurants in Chicago that have been open for decades,” Portillo’s CEO Michael Osanloo said on the March 2 earnings call, as reported by WFAA.

“Specifically, The Colony has averaged $48,000 in sales per day since the grand opening. Now, that annualizes to $17 million per year; and that’s a crazy number, so please don’t model that. It’s definitely coming down. But we feel really good that this restaurant will significantly exceed our underwriting expectations and sets us up for further success in Texas as we continued to expand.”

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