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Plano police arrest second suspect in gun theft

PLANO, Texas – In an escalating law enforcement operation that placed one Plano area in lockdown for several intense hours earlier this month, Plano Police Department officials have successfully apprehended a second suspect. Altonio Brown, a 31-year-old resident of Grand Prairie, was captured, culminating an exhaustive manhunt that had been underway since the crime occurred on July 6th.

The suspects met with another man to buy weapon

Brown, along with a younger accomplice, 21-year-old Doquajanika Ruff of Irving, are alleged to have lured a victim into a dangerous trap using an online gun trading platform as a bait. Their aim was to purchase a firearm. However, the transaction took a sudden turn when the suspects brandished their own weapons, and stole the firearm from the seller, according to police.

In a valiant attempt to intercept the suspects, the Plano Police initiated a traffic stop. Nonetheless, the duo proved elusive, disregarding law enforcement’s intervention, and instead embarked on a reckless drive before ultimately abandoning their vehicle and taking flight on foot. The incident ended with Ruff being swiftly apprehended, while Brown managed to evade immediate capture.

One of the suspects was captured after the incident, while the second one was still on the run

Engaging a wide array of investigative resources that included K9 units, aerial drones, and a helicopter, the Plano Police undertook an extensive search in the vicinity of K Avenue, in close proximity to Plano Parkway. The intensive manhunt, which stretched into the early morning hours, was eventually called off shortly after midnight on July 7.

Upon her arrest, Ruff was found to be in possession of several firearms, including the one allegedly stolen from the victim. Her charges include aggravated robbery, unlawful carrying of weapons, possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest, and firearm theft.

Brown, her partner in this criminal endeavor, faces the grave charges of aggravated robbery and evading arrest. As the residents of Plano breathe a sigh of relief, the ramifications of these events serve as a stark reminder of the persistent dangers that lurk within the world of online trading platforms.

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