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Armed robbery in Plano: Woman arrested, male suspect still on the run

PLANO, Texas — In the wake of an audacious armed robbery in Plano, local law enforcement authorities have apprehended a female accomplice, while her male co-conspirator remains elusive.

Plano Police Department asked residents to stay in their homes Thursday night

The Plano Police Department, in response to this developing situation, urged the city’s residents to exercise caution by staying within the safety of their residences on Thursday evening. This directive, however, was later rescinded as the situation stabilized over the course of the night.

The department’s preliminary investigation has shed light on the modus operandi of the suspected culprits. The suspects were meeting with an individual to purchase a firearm. However, the purported transaction was swiftly revealed to be a smokescreen for their felonious intent as the two made off with the weapon, robbing the unsuspecting individual at gunpoint.

Plano Police Department tried to arrest the suspects through a traffic stop, but the suspects fled the scene

Police officers, having identified the vehicle associated with the suspects, attempted to apprehend them through a traffic stop. This maneuver, though well-intentioned, ended in futility as the suspects evaded capture, eventually bringing their vehicle to a halt in the vicinity of the 900 block of K Avenue. The ensuing chaos saw the pair disembarking from their vehicle and fleeing on foot in divergent directions.

As a part of their containment efforts, the Plano Police Department conducted meticulous searches in the areas around 900 K Avenue, E. Plano Parkway, 10th Street, and J Avenue. The public was advised to adopt a vigilant approach if they encountered anyone who aroused suspicion, with an emphasis on remaining indoors and immediately contacting emergency services by dialing 911.

In an effort to expedite the search operation, the police department deployed a K-9 unit and a drone, thereby integrating advanced technological resources into the law enforcement landscape.

As the net closed in on the suspects, the police reported a significant breakthrough on Thursday night with the arrest of the female accomplice.

However, her male counterpart remains at large, adding a sustained note of urgency to the ongoing manhunt. The authorities also confirmed the recovery of several firearms, likely linked to the suspects.

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