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Off-duty Plano officer involved in a shooting at a Dallas apartment complex, no injuries reported

Dallas, Texas – An off-duty Plano police officer was compelled to return fire when suspects allegedly opened fire on him at the Winsted at White Rock apartments, located in the 2200 block of Winsted Drive just south of White Rock Lake, officials revealed.

Plano police officer was involved in the shooting early Thursday morning

This shooting episode unfolded around 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday, August 8. Upon receiving an alert concerning suspicious activity around his personal vehicle, described by Plano police as “being tampered with,” the officer proceeded to investigate.

According to the official account, as he arrived at the scene, “multiple” suspects targeted him with gunfire. Demonstrating his professional commitment, the officer, who fortunately remained uninjured, retaliated.

No injuries have been reported in the incident and no arrests have been made so far

Though initial reports suggest that none of the suspects sustained injuries from the exchange, the circumstances became increasingly confounding as they absconded in a vehicle. The ambiguity surrounding whether the suspects utilized their own vehicle or that of the officer has yet to be unraveled.

In the wake of this event, no arrests have been made. Taking charge of the investigation, Dallas police are collaborating closely with Plano law enforcement. Officials from Plano have verified that the officer involved has served with their department for approximately a year, although further details remain scarce at this time.

Adding to the community’s alarm, this shooting marks the second occurrence of early-morning violence linked to apparent vehicle burglary in the East Dallas area within a week.

A chilling reminder of the ongoing threats faced by residents, on Thursday, August 3, an A/C and appliances technician, Jesse Simmons, confronted a suspect purportedly attempting to break into his work truck, only to be shot in front of his residence, located on Donegal Drive on the northeast side of White Rock Lake.

Simmons, while having narrowly escaped with his life, now faces a harrowing battle to regain his mobility after a bullet grazed his spine. Much like the incident involving the Plano officer, this case too stands unresolved, with no arrests made.

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