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Possible gang related incident in Fort Worth club results in one person stabbed and injured

Fort Worth, Texas – Authorities in Fort Worth have initiated a thorough investigation following two incidents on the night of August 3rd, connected to what is believed to be a wider pattern of gang-related violence.

Fort Worth PD received 911 call about a shooting to a nightclub on Hulen Bend Blvd

After receiving a distress call shortly after 11:30 p.m., Fort Worth Police were called to a nightclub at 6316 Hulen Bend Blvd. On arrival, they found multiple witnesses describing a recent shooting, but the victim was nowhere to be found.

Person injured in the incident was hospitalized in Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital

The situation took a turn when, during the investigation, the police received a call from Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital about a gunshot victim. The victim claimed to have been injured at the same club.

Upon arriving at the hospital, officers encountered a second victim with a fresh stab wound, also claiming to have been attacked at the same venue. This overlap in victims added complexity to the case and deepened the investigation.

Authorities have determined that the incidents were separate but closely tied to gang activity. The complicated nature of the case has strengthened the resolve of law enforcement as they work to uncover the full story.

The victims are currently receiving medical treatment for non-life-threatening injuries, and the Fort Worth Police Department continues its tireless efforts to find the culprits. Although the investigation is still underway, the authorities remain committed to bringing those responsible to justice.

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