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Teenager indicted in connection to a fatal Dallas shooting that occurred in May

Dallas, Texas – In an incident that has shaken the community of Preston Center West, a 17-year-old individual, Antwon Osborne, has been officially indicted by a grand jury on a murder charge, a charge stemming from the lethal shooting of a Dallas security guard in the late spring of May.

When Dallas PD officers arrived, the victim was shot and he died later in hospital

The tragic incident unfolded in a garage situated at the 8200 block of Westchester Drive, an area well-acquainted to locals. Responding to the scene, officers discovered a male victim suffering from a gunshot wound. He was immediately transported to a nearby hospital, where despite best efforts, he succumbed to his injuries. The Dallas Police Department subsequently identified the victim as 34-year-old Adalberto Santiago.

Osborne was arrested by Dallas police in direct connection with the horrifying event. As the details emerged, it was revealed that the assailant allegedly embarked on a criminal spree, breaking into multiple vehicles within the parking structure. Upon confrontation by the security guard, a heated altercation ensued, ultimately culminating in the suspect drawing a firearm and shooting the guard before making a hasty escape.

Adding a visual dimension to this unsettling narrative, security footage of the violent struggle was released to the public. The footage depicts a gold sedan, with the security guard precariously hanging from the driver’s door, suddenly pulling out of a parking space on the upper level of the parking garage.

Moments after the sedan crashes, the presumed security guard can be seen running behind the car before tragically collapsing. The car then accelerates and vanishes from sight. In a significant breakthrough, the suspect’s vehicle was located at approximately 5 p.m. on Friday in a closed business parking lot in the 2200 block of North Cockrell Hill Road.

Court documents, dated August 1, have confirmed Osborne’s indictment on the murder charge. This incident has left a deep scar on the community, igniting a conversation on security measures and reiterating the unforeseen dangers faced by security personnel in the line of duty. The case continues to unfold, as legal experts and the public alike await what promises to be a closely-watched trial.

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