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Arlington counterfeit crackdown: Man arrested in high-end fashion forgery

ARLINGTON, Texas — Arlington police have made an arrest in what is being described as “one of the largest seizures of counterfeit merchandise in department history,” according to a statement released by the department.

Arlington police started investigation earlier this summer

The investigation was initiated earlier this summer when the police received reports of an Arlington-based online business suspected of producing and selling counterfeit goods, specifically items bearing copyrighted trademark logos of high-end fashion brands.

Following these reports, detectives embarked on an extensive investigation of the company, Creo Piece, which primarily markets embroidery patches and heat transfer merchandise, purportedly bearing high-end fashion branding.

Police revealed that undercover officers, in a strategic move, purchased multiple items from the company. These items were subsequently sent for expert analysis, where counterfeiting specialists confirmed that the products were indeed unlicensed and fraudulent.

This month, armed with the evidence, officials secured a search warrant for the company’s warehouse, located in the 500 block of Prairie Street. In a collaborative operation, Arlington police, along with agents from Homeland Security Investigations, carried out the seizure at the location. They confiscated 75 boxes of merchandise, an embroidery machine, and a heat transfer print machine, all believed to be instrumental in the company’s counterfeiting operations.

Detective Richard Jablon led the investigation. “He had a sophisticated operation going,” Jablon said. “What brought us to this one was the large scale.”

Arlington police confirmed that a staggering 101,000 items were seized

The Arlington police disclosed that the boxes seized during the recent operation contained a staggering 101,000 items. Based on the prices listed on the Creo Piece website, the confiscated merchandise is estimated to be worth a considerable $653,222.

The department released images of embroidery patches found in the seized goods, featuring logos from renowned luxury brands such as Gucci and Coco Chanel.

“If you could think of the designer, he probably had a patch from that company,” Jablon said.

Following the extensive operation, police obtained an arrest warrant for the owner of the business, identified as 35-year-old Oumar Dia. He was subsequently apprehended and charged with one count of trademark counterfeiting. Dia was booked into the Dallas County Jail over the weekend, though police reported that he has since been released on bond.

Officer Jablon noted that Dia held more than $30,000 in a business account, further highlighting the extent of the counterfeiting operation.

The Arlington police also revealed that this is not the first time Dia has come to the attention of law enforcement authorities. The Department of Homeland Security has had prior dealings with him, linked to three separate seizures of counterfeit products delivered to his residence. The combined value of these previous cases surpassed an astonishing $600,000.

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