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Parents take legal action against Primrose School of Eldorado in McKinney

McKinney, Texas – In a situation that raises concerns over the safety and supervision of children at daycare centers, Fernando and Cristina Cossich of Collin County have filed a lawsuit against Primrose School of Eldorado in McKinney, Texas, asserting that their 3-year-old daughter was negligently left alone in a dark classroom on the 20th of October, 2022.

The incident came to light only when another employee, on entering the dimly lit room, discovered the terrified toddler without the presence of any supervising staff, as reported in the Cossiches’ complaint.

Adding further disquiet to the troubling circumstances, an independent inquiry carried out by Texas’ childcare licensing division corroborated the lack of appropriate supervision of the child at the Primrose School of Eldorado. In a staggering breach of protocol, the Cossiches allege in their suit that the facility’s staff went to the extent of fraudulently affixing their signatures to the mandated incident report – a fact that the parents claim to have been wholly unaware of until brought to their attention by the state investigator.

Primrose School of Eldorado top priority “health and safety” was not met

The couple had enrolled their daughter in the Primrose School of Eldorado, enticed by the institution’s avowed commitment to prioritizing the “health and safety” of the children under its care. However, the suit contends that such promises turned out to be “false assurances,” as evidenced by the center’s track record of multiple citations. Over the past five years, the center has been censured 16 times by state authorities for a slew of transgressions, ranging from dereliction of child supervision obligations to the employment of inadequately vetted staff – lapses that ultimately culminated in the incident involving the Cossiches’ daughter.

“Primrose School of Eldorado was extremely irresponsible for ignoring safety standards created to prevent incidents like this,” says Russell Button, founder of The Button Law Firm and the daycare injury lawyer representing the Cossich family. “There was no need for my clients’ 3-year-old daughter to endure this trauma. The school made a promise to parents like my clients that it would closely supervise children, yet they forgot about her.”

Months after the incident, another child was abandoned Primrose School of Eldorado

Subsequent to the aforementioned incident, Primrose School of Eldorado, according to their own assertion, had conformed to the protective protocols instituted by the state of Texas. Nonetheless, the lawsuit reveals a disconcerting recurrence of a child’s abandonment in a classroom in March 2023, a mere five months following the episode involving the Cossiches’ daughter. In this latter occurrence, the suit explicates that the forgotten child remained unnoticed until the end of the day when the parent arrived to collect them.

Russell Button, who is representing the Cossich family, voiced his aspirations for the litigation to serve as a catalyst for a heightened emphasis on child safety at Primrose School of Eldorado, a facility that has repeatedly fallen foul of citations.

“We hope this lawsuit prompts Primrose School of Eldorado to finally prioritize child safety after ignoring multiple citations,” says Button.

The legal proceedings have been filed under the designation: Fernando Cossich and Cristina Cossich, Individually and as Parents and Next Friend of M.C., a minor child, vs. Serakon for Kids, LTD, d/b/a Primrose School of Eldorado; and Kodala for Kids, LP d/b/a The Primrose School of Eldorado, Cause No. 366-04349-2023 in Collin County, Texas. Interested parties may access a copy of the complaint by following this link.

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