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Elderly man died in hospital following traffic incident in Arlington on Sunday

Arlington, Texas – In a tragic turn of events, an elderly man of 89 years succumbed to his injuries following a horrific collision on Sunday morning in Arlington, involving his electric bicycle and a pickup truck, as stated by Arlington Police Department.

At approximately 11:25 a.m., police units were dispatched urgently to the scene of the incident, located in the vicinity of the 6700 block of New York Avenue, proximate to the well-known Lynn Creek Trail. The distress call was pertaining to an alarming crash between a pickup truck and an electric bicycle.

The victim had suffered serious injuries and was transferred to hospital where he later died

Upon arrival, the police officers encountered the elderly victim in an unconscious state on the asphalt. In an attempt to save his life, emergency medical services were deployed to transport the victim to the nearest healthcare facility.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, he was declared deceased at the hospital. As of the moment, the police have not disclosed the identity of the victim, respecting the grieving period for his family.

Preliminary assessments by the police suggest that the incident occurred when the victim, presumably attempting a street crossing, tragically collided with a southbound pickup truck. In the aftermath of the fatal incident, the driver of the pickup truck acted responsibly, immediately halting and placing an emergency call to 911.

As of now, the authorities have refrained from pressing any charges. It’s worth noting that the circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear, and the detailed sequence of events is yet to be definitively established.

Consequently, the police have withheld further details, acknowledging that a comprehensive investigation is still ongoing.

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