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After spending more than 3 months in hospital, Plano Uber driver shot multiple times in March is finally home

Plano, Texas – Guillermo Martinez, an Uber operator who was grievously wounded multiple times in an alleged instance of road rage back in March, has recently been discharged from the hospital and is now recounting his harrowing experience.

Martinez revealed that his memory is blank with regards to the precise moments of the violent encounter. His conscious recollections only resume from the point he emerged from a medically-induced coma.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that a suspect has been apprehended and is currently under detention, awaiting legal proceedings concerning the brutal assault.

More than three months, Martinez has been recovering and was finally sent home from hospital

Martinez’s battle for survival has spanned over a protracted period of more than three months, during which he was confined to the confines of a hospital. His long-awaited release took place on Wednesday.

His fragmented memories of the fateful March day pivot around the completion of an Uber assignment in Plano, followed by his journey towards the subsequent traffic junction. It was at this location, he surmises, that he was subject to multiple gunshot wounds.

“The guy shot me six times. I got six shots in me. I got my phone, and I called 911,” he recalled in an interview with Fox 4.

Following this desperate call for help, Martinez’s memories fade into oblivion, only to resume after a grueling recovery period of nearly four months in the hospital, of which the initial month was passed in a state of coma.

Upon regaining consciousness, the 33-year-old was confronted with the startling reality that he had been struck by no less than half a dozen bullets.

Martinez, struggling to piece together the events of that ominous March night, recalled his bafflement on awakening

“I go, ‘Why am I here?’ he recalled. “I didn’t know what happened.”

Despite the challenges that lie ahead as he continues his recovery outside the hospital, Martinez acknowledges his fortune at surviving such a horrifying ordeal feeling lucky to still be alive.

Plano Uber driver was shot on March 3. What happened?

Martinez’s account includes the detail that on March 3, he was performing his Uber duties during the late-night shift when he dropped off a passenger in the vicinity of West Parker Road in Plano at approximately 12:46 a.m.

Scarcely four minutes had elapsed when Plano police were alerted to the incident via a distress call placed by Martinez himself. Martinez was shot four times in the stomach, A fifth gunshot wound in the side and another one in his chest.

Plano police have identified 42-year-old Robert Crolley as the individual responsible for shooting Guillermo Martinez in a reported episode of road rage, after which he made a swift getaway, according to official sources.

The arrest warrant issued details that surveillance footage captured at the intersection of West Parker Road and Rainer Road reveals Martinez’s Tesla positioned alongside an Infiniti for a fleeting few seconds before the sound of gunfire resonated through the night.

Subsequent investigation led detectives to trace the license plate of the Infiniti back to Crolley, whose residence is surprisingly located only a mile from the scene of the crime.

In a subsequent traffic stop orchestrated by Plano police officers towards the end of March, Crolley was found to be in possession of a magazine of ammunition and a firearm, which corresponded to the spent shell casings recovered from the scene of the shooting.

When questioned about his assailant, Martinez confessed that he held no recognition for Crolley, nor did he recollect any verbal altercation transpiring between them on that ill-fated evening.

“I feel like a new person. Everything is different for me,” he said.

Images snapped prior to the incident underscore the physical toll exacted by the ordeal, with Martinez having shed nearly 50 pounds during his hospitalization.

As a father to an eight-year-old child, Martinez concedes that he has a protracted and challenging path of recovery ahead, marked by additional surgical procedures slated for the following month.

“My life is changed. Everything has changed for me,” he said.

Also in the affidavit, Crolley’s cell phone was searched. Investigators found out Crolley texted his roommate just hours after the shooting, “I got drunk. It happens. So what?”

As of now, Crolley remains incarcerated in the Collin County jail, facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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